Chocolate History



The History of Chocolate

Chocolate in Mexico stretches back in history to a time before the arrival of the Spanish, originally the cacao bean was used in barter as a form of currency and exchange. This cacao bean was blended with water and indigenous spices, was known as “XOCOATL” (shocoatl) in Nahuatl this means bitter water and was exclusively used by the nobility of the Mayan and Aztec people.

During the colonial era, the Spanish sweetened “XOCOATL” with sugar. As this new food worked its way into the European palates and languages, it became known as “Chocolate”. It was believe to possess curative, aphrodisiac and energizing properties.

In the XVIII century, the cacao tree was given its scientific name. Even this scientific name “THEOBROMA CACAO”, recognized its special qualities. Loosely translated from the latin this means “THE DRINK OR FOOD OF THE GODS”. In that same century the Swiss and Belgians, (to mention some), expanded the methods of refining the cacao bean to include the additional milk.

In honor to all this tradition from our Mayan, Aztec and European ancestors, we hope to preserve and offer to delight the palate.