Types of Cocoa beans and why do we use the best in our Chocolates.

Types of Cocoa beans and why do we use the best in our Chocolates.


Chocolate history could be described as a succession of events that resulted in the sweetest and delightful discovery of our history. Usually it is called chocolate to the end product that is prepared of the fruit of a tree popularly called “cocoa.” Mesoamerica is the privileged area were this fruit was found and where so far has been able to follow the thread of their origin.

Cocoa, especially its cultivation and consumption, has always been surrounded by a series of events that gave social, religious, medical and economic relevance in diverse societies. Given its spread and acceptance throughout the world cocoa had to adapt to their growing areas to adopt a number of features that make it unique.

There are currently 3 major groups in which cocoa is classified:

1. Creoles: 10% of world production and its quality is high.

2. Amazon Outsiders: 79% of world production, average quality.

3. Trinitarian: 20% of world production, good quality.

The Creole grains are the ones were the highest quality is obtained, but its production represents less than 10% of the world total. It is grown mainly in Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Madagascar and the Comoros. Note that in our case, JOHFREJ C&V, we use this variety of cocoa because that is how we guarantee the high quality of our products in any of our stores: San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro, Tizayuca and Texcoco.

In second order of quality are the Amazon outsiders, these grains are a little more “ordinary”; production reaches 70% of the world total. They are grown in Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. This category is where most commercial chocolates fall and can be found in any convenience store.

Finally is the Trinitarian variety which is obtained from hybrids obtained from varieties of native and outsiders, given this mixture they can get better performance because they are more resistant to disease and have a finer aroma than outsiders . Currently this range represents 20% of the world production. It is grown mainly in the same creole cocoa producing areas.

Since 1920, when we began this great adventure in JOHFREJ C&V, we realized that the quality and dedication start from the time of the selection of our cocoa beans, to ensure that we make real poems to offer into a chocolate form to each of our customers.

Our days begin with a dedicated selection of our cocoa, careful preparation of our raw material, continues with passion and love that our partners put into each of our truffles, chocolate bars, pralines and more …

Over 96 years we have maintained the quality and commitment to each of our creations. Please visit our stores to feel the JOHFREJ C&V experience.