Refining process of Our Chocolate at JOHFREJ C&V

Refining process of Our Chocolate at JOHFREJ C&V

1Roasting cocoa beans

Once is cut the cacao pod from the tree the seeds are extracted for fermentation, then is roasted and it has to be extremely careful at this point since it is here the definition of good chocolate flavor that characterizes Chocolates JOHFREJ C&V .



This process converts the pieces to fine particles of cocoa calling this cocoa liquor and here is where it loses some of the acidity during this process, and other ingredients are added for the creation of semisweet and milk chocolate.



This process generates the overall refining of cocoa particles by pulverizing to a dimension of 17 microns. Which are smaller than the taste buds.



This process is where it gives its characteristic oxygenation and accurate creaminess while cocoa butter is added, which requires hours in this process to ensure its velvety texture while the natural acidity of Chocolate is extracted, this completes the primary process of Our Chocolate. On another occasion we will discuss the second process of our fillings that is completely handcrafted and high longevity.