Recipe for a Delicious Hot Cocoa

Recipe for a Delicious Hot Cocoa

In a cold weather our body needs to keep its heat and energy to perform its normal functions, so how about accompanying your Christmas dinner with a traditional cup of hot cocoa?

Originally from American cocoa, chocolate is a classic all over the world, whether as a treat, drink or baking ingredient. Contrary to popular belief, for every 100 ml of milk chocolate we drink, we get 73.9 g of carbohydrates (only 10.6 of them are fats) and 9.4 of proteins.

But that’s not all, other properties of chocolate are its contribution of significant amounts of magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, as well as vitamin A and, to a lesser extent, B vitamins.

It has even been pointed out in a number of research that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is a good source of antioxidants, substances that protect cells against free radicals (chemicals that cause aging and cancer) and prevent harmful cholesterol from attaching to walls Of the arteries, so they decrease circulatory problems.

To make matters worse, you can accompany your Christmas chocolate with the benefits of nuts such as: they are free of “bad” cholesterol and abundant in Omega 3 fatty acids, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease; In addition, because they contain high percentage of protein and fats, 100 g of nuts amount to eating 100 g of meat.


This pair goes almost hand in hand when it comes to preparing dishes that children, youth and adults enjoy at any time of the holidays, So without further ado, we offer you the recipe to prepare Christmas chocolate.



1 tablet of 100 g of cocoa for cup.
1 cup with water.
2 cups milk (preferably prepared with powdered milk).
2 tablespoons cornstarch.
Sugar to taste.
1 teaspoon vanilla.
1 pinch of salt.
Cinnamon powder to taste.
Chopped nuts.


Place the cocoa and water in a pot. Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes until the tablet melts and turns into a thick cream.
Add the milk, while stirring constantly and then add the pinch of salt.
In a bowl dissolve the corn starch with a little milk and then add to the chocolate stirring for about 1 or 2 minutes.
When the preparation is very thick, lower the heat and add the vanilla, sugar and cinnamon. Mix until boiling.
Serve in decorated cups according to the season and add the chopped walnuts as an ornament … Your hot Christmas chocolate is ready to show off at your table.