JOHFREJ C&V Chocolate vs Ganache

JOHFREJ C&V Chocolate vs Ganache

In our previous articles, we have discusses the process for creating chocolate bars, where by fermentation, roasting, grinding is used in the method for refining chocolate.

To further understand chocolate and its processes, we will discuss the Chocolate filling inside truffles.

Usually, Chocolatiers worldwide from Artisanal to large chocolate manufacturers, offer a ganache process flavored with extraordinary combinations of fruits and seeds.  Its consistency is very smooth to the palate, as if eating a piece of butter. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to enjoy several at one time because you feel cloy and a waxiness after eating one.  Most find it advisable to wait several hours before eating another.   Due to the use of sour cream, this makes refrigeration essential (if no preservatives are used), or if not consumed immediately, the decomposition of the ganache can occur very quickly inside of the truffles.

Whereas for the process Chocolates JOHFREJ C & V uses, very few Chocolatiers in the world know this method.   Most choose the ganache process, due to our process being far more complex which requires many years of dedication to understand, along with lots of time, patience, and a passion for fine chocolate, not to mention lots of physical labor that most machinery can not provide, due to the possibility of destroying our historical magic chocolate process.

Unfortunately, we can not reveal the process in detail which we use.  But, your palate will feel the need to indulged with our truffle filling, allowing you to enjoy more than one, unlike truffles filled with ganache. Especially since we use no preservatives or artificial additives.

In terms of the storage capacity of JOHFREJ’s truffles, if not refrigerating, our chocolate truffles will last up to two months, as long as they are not exposed to heat or open air.  As an alternative, if they are kept inside one of our airtight tin plate boxes for protection, the truffles will maintain their aroma, freshness and consistency as if just made up to 4 months or more.