From Mexico to the world

From Mexico to the world

When we think about select chocolates, brands such as Godiva, Ghirardelli or Lindt constantly come to our minds.

In the world these brands have gained a specific place in the palates of the demanding consumer and it is important to know the reason. It is well known that cacao has its origin in Mexico and it is from where It traveled all over the world to reach the hands of expert chocolatiers.


Godiva dates from 1926 and has its origin in Belgium, its main product was the pralines and over time they were perfecting the art of preparing truffles, which became its flagship product and became an icon of the industry.


Probably one of the oldest and most interesting stories. This chocolate brand is one of the oldest and was founded by Domenico Ghirardelli who in 1847 changed his name to Domingo Ghirardelli and two years later moved to California where having learned the art of confectionery opens his first store, through Of which it offers Californian miners exquisite creations made of cacao and to this day continues to offer quality products.


“Since 1845, the LINDT Chocolatier Masters have been developing and refining their secret recipes unique …” Since 1879 this belgium company has perpetuated the recipes and creations of its founder Rodolphe Lindt. Its history tells that the discovery of a chocolate that melted in the mouth happened by accident, to have received ridicule in the factory retired in advance and forgot to turn off the machines of chocolate shake, to have returned 3 days later it took a scare already The greatest joy of his life; She did not find a mass of hard, charred chocolate, the dough shone, smelled wonderfully good, and when she tasted it, she became the first person to experience how chocolate melted in her mouth.


Our history goes back only 100 years. Since then we have created and perfected our own recipes offering the best cocoa that our fertile and Mexican lands can offer. Through the taste of our creations our customers can go back to our beginnings, in every bite you will find the same taste due to the careful monitoring of our recipes. JOHFREJ C & V has, over time, worked with 100% Mexican inputs, Mexican labor and high quality standards. There are currently 4 branches and an online store from where we distribute anywhere in the world.