The myth of eating chocolate during pregnancy to make the baby more happy at birth, is one of the many that women hear during their gestation period. This myth is totally true, to begin with, women when consuming it immediately have a feeling of happiness and pleasure, since chocolate is a hundred percent natural antidepressant, in addition to delicious. Therefore, it is very possible that such an effect transmit the baby into the uterus, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.

The women who have tried this interesting tip have been totally agree that it works, because at the end of pregnancy they have given birth happy and very laughing babies. In a study by a renowned University of Finland tested positive that women who had consumed chocolate frequently during their pregnancy had children who are now more active and much more better humor to other children that mothers didn´t eat chocolate .. Although on the other hand of course, scientists do not rule out the possibility that something else could be the factor and not exactly chocolate. What do you think?

In general, chocolate does not only influence mood, but also at certain points, such as:

PREVENTS PREECLAMPSIA : according to the results and reports from several researchers, the theobromine content in cocoa can help prevent this disease, which is incredible news for all those future moms.

HELPS TO REGULATE BLOOD PRESSURE: in the same way the theobromine helps in the regulation of our blood pressure, as well as in pregnant women, this active ingredient in chocolate can help dilation of blood vessels, being a wonder for health.

IT IS RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: at this point not only  pregnant women can benefit, anyone can enjoy this excellent benefit of chocolate, which makes it possible due to the flavonoids that it has.

RELEASES YOU FROM STRESS: As we mentioned earlier, the chocolate contains substances that favor the hormones of happiness, for this same reason, when we eat it we feel a sensation of happiness and peace that make us forget the annoying stress for a while, something that women in gestation need too much.

REDUCES HIGH CHOLESTEROL: dark chocolate, or bitter, when consumed in moderation it helps incredibly during pregnancy to low cholesterol.

Now you know, whether you are pregnant or not, whether you are a woman or a man, the CHOCOLATE is undoubtedly a delicious remedy for many ills that could afflict us, we can disappear them with just the little one sacrifice to delight it at every moment !!!