Chocolate and Wine

Chocolate and Wine


The pairing of wine with chocolate has been a controversial issue for many years, since before it was believed that both were incompatible due to their similar characteristics that they possess of each other. For these reasons, it could not be understood that they could achieve a good pairing. Although there are still people who are reluctant to combine them, you can achieve incredible and delicious results with the ability to distinguish the particular characteristics of each one.

In order to be able to create a perfect combination, the intensity of flavors of both wine and chocolate must be taken into account, because if you want to pair a wine that is too strong with a chocolate with a light flavor, the chocolate will go completely unnoticed. taste of the palate, because the wine opaque with its intensity, or in the opposite way, a bitter chocolate with a delicate or sweet wine, we could not achieve the pairing that we seek in this way.

Let’s start from the idea that both are products that can be tasted, and in which we can also find clear and particular characteristics, such as aroma and flavors that will define whether they are compatible or not. The essential keys that we must take into account in each one for the pairing are: Acidity, sweetness, aroma and bitterness. Another important point to achieve a good pairing should be to ensure a chocolate of excellent quality, regardless of whether it will be bitter, white, or milk, depending on tastes in particular, this must be impeccable for best results.

As we already mentioned one of the main rules of tasting is to start from the clearest to the darkest, and from the strongest, to the lightest. The ideal is to start with a white or milk chocolate, continuing with a semi bitter, to finish with a too dark, to itself with the wine, we must go in an ascending way, taking into account the body and the intensity of this.

A white chocolate could go excellent with a fruity and sweet touch wine. Some milk chocolate goes well with a dessert wine, taking into account the sweetness of the chocolate, since it could nullify the fruitiness in red and dry wines, adding a bitter flavor. On the other hand a semi dark chocolate must be paired with a more robust wine, similarly a too bitter chocolate must go with powerful wine and very intense flavor, this is the favorite range of lovers of strong flavors. Although there is also a neutral option for all kinds of palates, since champagne or some other type of sparkling wine is perfect with any chocolate in general.

Actually experts love this paring, because it combines taste and good taste in one, from two products with great history and complexity in each of them. On the other hand it is worth mentioning that wine and chocolate can also be combined perfectly in the passion field, because both are considered incredible aphrodisiacs, and by putting them together you get a mixture of ecstasy, as we combine the sensuality of the wine with the eroticism of chocolate, In addition to the scientific reasons, which indicate that according to their properties potentiate the levels of endorphins and serotonin in the body, at the time of tasting. Now we know what there are too many reasons to try and try this pairing of Gods.